Lesbian couple trying to conceive

Hello everybody,

We are a Lesbian couple, we’ve been together for 7 years now and we’ve been talking about conceiving for a while and we are now ready to begin :) But we have so many questions…. I don’t know if I can get answers for all of them but at least a couple lol 😛

1. What are the exact steps to begin and be reffered to the clinic?

2. Is the physical examination and the testing before the first meeting at the clinic or after?

3. If we want to choose the donnor with picture, is it more expensive?

4. My girlfriend is black and I am white, is there a possibility to have a black donnor so the baby can be mixed ?

5. In total, how many months before the first insimination do we have to wait? I mean like does it take time to get the results of the tests and other steps and receive the donnor’s sperm and prepare it???

We are so excited to get started :) Hopefully I can get some answers 😛

thank you so much


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  1. I see no one has responded yet… There aren’t a lot of users on this blog, I think. I am a client of the Ottawa Fertility Centre, not an employee, so I can’t help you with all of your questions, but I can help you at least with the first one.

    To get a referral to the clinic, go to your family doctor. The doctor may or may not give you a physical at that time, but they can give you the referral to the clinic. Once you are referred to the clinic, you’ll find things move fairly quickly. They will do a thorough exam, and if all is well, they will help you through the process.

    I am using my male partner’s sperm, so I don’t know about the sperm donor selection process, but I can’t imagine there would be any problem with choosing a black donor to inseminate a white mother, when that woman’s partner is black.

    I wish you all the best!

  2. Dear Carolyne 0317:
    Dr. Jackson is off on mat leave and I have just started this blog. My apologoies for the delayed response. As you probably know, there are many factors that determine which treatment might work best for each woman so my replies cannot be specific to any person’s medical condition. To better identify your needs as a woman and as a couple, it would be best to see one of our physicians in consultation, Now to answer your questions:
    1. If you live in Ontario you need to see a doctor to be referred here. A referral form can be downloaded from our website and sent in. Outside of Ontario, a referral is preferred (so we can have your full medical history) but is not required.
    2. Physical examination and testing to be done depends on your medical story so these are done. if necessary, after you tell your story. We can do most tests at the Ottawa Fertility Centre.
    3. You should contact Outreach Health Services in Toronto regarding the selection and shipping of donor spserm. They usually charge you extra for access to photos of the donor.
    4. You and your partner choose the donor so which donor you use is entirely your choice.
    5. There is no wait time at our clinic, but it takes up to 6 weeks to complete all of the woman’s tests that are required for sperm donor treatment. These tests check if the woman’s hormones are normal and if the uterus (womb) and tubes are open to accept the sperm. Donor sperm is shipped frozen overnight via Fedex and comes ready to use when defrosted.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
    Dr. Leader

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