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My husband and I are looking for some advice.

Two years ago, we decided on a tubal ligation after our youngest child was born, however now, two years later, we find we are at a constant regret for having done. Ideally, we would like to have one more child. We are unsure of whether to have a tubal reversal, as we only want one more, or to go with an IVF.. any advice on this?

You mention OHIP coverage for blocked tubes, I am unsure to what extent that goes. Is it possible to get information of both? We don’t believe it will be difficult to conceive, we never had difficulties with our other children.

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  1. Your situation is not that uncommon. There are a two options when your fallopian tubes have been ligated. These are IVF and a surgical reversal of the previous tubal ligation. After a consultation and some basic testing for you and your partner (dependent on age and other factors), the physician can advise which solution might be the best in terms of costs, chances of success and safety.

    A tubal ligation reversal is at surgery that is performed at the hospital and costs in the range of 6,000 for physician and hospital fees. Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover this. OHIP also does not cover the costs of IVF after a tubal ligation. IVF is a more expensive treatment option which may be a preferred one depending your personal situation.

    A good starting point would be to have a referral sent by our doctor including your tubal ligation operative report. One of our physicians will review the information and can advise whether or not a surgical consultation would be appropriate in your case. If you wish to proceed, then a consultation with one of our specialists can be scheduled at that point. Because you have already had a tubal ligation, OHIP does not cover the costs of the surgical consultation and you can expect to pay $300 for a surgical consultation with a fertility specialist.

    Hope that helps.

    • Does your fertility Center perform tubal reversals or does that treatment happen in hospital? And how much for an IVF, and how many treatments in that one cost, or how much extra for a second or third treatment from your facility if the first treatment isn’t a success???

      • Yes, at OFC we have physicians trained in tubal ligation reversals. This is a surgery that would take place at the Civic Hospital and require at least one night stay. This surgery is not covered by OHIP and you would therefore be required to pay for the consultation, surgery, anesthesia and hospital costs. As you correctly pointed out, the alternative to a tubal reversal is to do IVF instead, which would bypass the tubes altogether. The best option is dependent on your age as well as the results of a fertility assessment. I suggest as a first step you request a consultation to discuss your options and arrange for testing to help make your decision. Because you have had a tubal ligation, OHIP will not cover the cost of a fertility consultation, and you will therefore be charged $300 for the initial visit. Testing will be covered by OHIP. For more information on fees for IVF, please have a look at the fees section of our website: http://www.conceive.ca/patient-resources/fees/

  2. My husband and I have decided that we want to have another baby after having a tubal litigation with our last child. He is now 2&1/2. We are debating on IUI, IVF or reversal. We are wondering if our insurance would cover any of the costs for this? He is military and I have sun life through him. When we had the tubal with my c-section my doctor kept asking if I was sure because he said it wasn’t reversible. Our doctor was Dr. Mukerjee in Pembroke. I am hoping you may have some insight on this and if we could claim this on our taxes at the end of the year if insurance won’t cover it? Any information you can provide me with would be appreciated. I am also curious about recovery time with all of these procedures. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your questions. Unfortunately costs are not covered by OHIP for any of the treatments you have mentioned. Sometimes insurance plans will cover the medication costs, but not usually the procedures. As a first step I would suggest you request a consultation to determine which option would be best for you. This will depend on a number of factors including your age, your obstetrical history, the method of tubal ligation (which will require a review of operative reports), and to also explain to you the process and success rates for each so that you can make an informed decision. At our clinic, Dr. Kotarba sees most of the patients considering tubal ligation reversal, so I would recommend you request to be seen by her. This consultation is not covered by OHIP as you have had a tubal ligation and would require you to pay $350. Good luck!

  3. I had my tubes tied in 2007 my partner at the time made me do it but all I I did was initial my c section consent forms and never filled out any formal papers I have regretted it ever since and now married to some one else and all I want is to have another baby is there anything I can do since when I signed I was under medications

    • I am sorry to hear you have regrets about having your tubes tied. Unfortanely, I cannot make comments with regards to the legalities of how your consent was obtained. In some cases it is possible to have your tubal ligation reversed. You can also go through in vitro fertilization to achieve a pregnancy. Unfortunately, neither of these treatments are covered by OHIP. However, if you would like more information on your options for pregnancy, you can request a referral to a fertility specialist to discuss this further.

  4. I am 31 and I had my tubes clamped I wanna have them removed and have another baby I wanna be able to give my bf his first child what is the cost to have it done

  5. I live in Welland ont got my tubs clamped after my 4th witch he was born in 2002 I got it done in January/03 they told me it would help me with my period cause before I got it done I was in alot of pain every month on the floor in a ball crying so o got it done and it’s Been nothing but hell it was paralyzed my whole body couldn’t do anything then the doctor burnt the lining of my uterus out for the 1st 3 months it’s was great no pain nothing then the 4th came and I was right back to all the pain back to it paralyzingly me I had this done when I was 28 and now Iam 41 I can’t take this anymore I still go through the same paralyzingly pain every month and now that I’m older It takes a lot out of me I can’t take it I want them out can someone please help me let me know where I can go to get them out does Ohip cover it I can’t live like this anymore please help

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